Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Social Mystics CD Launch

Let me tell you all about stretching boundaries my dear friends. 

Picture this.

It's Tuesday night at the Tranzac Lounge.
Piano keys chime in with a melody, the strum of guitars catching a tune, a touch of harmony from the vocalists and the plucking in that bass.
Everyone was filled with smiles galore, all waiting to start the night's CD Launch session from CWS's band - The Social Mystics! #Iknowright #thatmomenthappened 

Did you feel it? Amazing, right!? The night was jam packed with such a cool vibe. So many great people & supporters came out. My favourite part, was watching some of audience members tap their feet or jamming to the beat. Even the ladies at the CWS Shop table in the back were shimmying #socatchy

It always a treat to see with my own eyes the bigger stage. I've been a member of CWS for the last 4 years, and the little time I've experienced compared to others who've been here longer, I've watched it bloomed beyond what words I would or could ever describe. What I saw was a dedication. A dedication to each other and each everyone of the members & staff committed to making CWS (as I would normally say) a home to come to. All the hard work and coming together as a community just blows my mind. 

We've committed to our craft and you could see it that night. #YayTeamwork!

From CWS Shop table (& mini dance floor)

The Social Mystics in preparation for the CD Launch

Thanks for listening & your support <3,
Coco (member)